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List of Mentors

The mentors who answer questions on this site consist of a diverse group of students, parents, faculty/staff, government, and business leaders from all over the United States. Students who recently studied abroad offer their insights into their experiences, parents answer questions regarding their concerns and feelings around their child going abroad, and professionals in the field share their expertise on topics such as choosing the right program, coping with concerns prior to, during, and after studying abroad, and many others. We hope that the information they provide will help answer your most important questions and give you valuable insight on the importance of study abroad for all students!

  • mentor picture Tony Laing
    Tony Laing
    Ph.D. Candidate at Education Policy Studies and AFRO Studies
    University of Illinois – Urbana, Champaign

    Tony "kwame" is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign. Previously he was a Diversity and Programs Exchange adviser at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In this role, he worked with...
  • mentor picture Carol Larson
    Carol Larson
    Director of Management, Study Abroad Office
    University of Pittsburgh

    Carol has worked in the study abroad field for many years and has been able to share her global passion, vision and love of seeing the world with students. To see the numbers of students who are underrepresented to study abroad...
  • mentor picture Emily Le
    Emily Le
    Doctoral Student, previously International Programs Counselor

    I am currently a doctoral student at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, specializing in Comparative and International Education. Prior to starting my PhD program, I was an academic counselor in the...
  • mentor picture Malaika Marable Serrano
    Malaika Marable Serrano
    Assistant Director of Global Communities
    University of Maryland

    Hello! My name is Malaika Serrano and I am the Assistant Director for Global Communities at the University of Maryland. Prior to this position, I worked in outreach and alumni initiatives for the Critical Language Scholarship...
  • mentor picture Inés Romana
    Inés Romana
    Senior Policy Coordinator
    University of California - Education Abroad Program, Universitywide Office

    Ines is originally from Peru and joined the field of International Education 22 years ago when she lived in Illinois. Currently, she has primary responsibility for safety and security, and health-related matters for the University...
  • mentor picture Jenny Samaan
    Jenny Samaan
    Founding Director, Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO)
    Association of American Medical Colleges

    Jenny has served as director of the Office of International Education (formerly Office of International Affairs) since 1997. The office liaises with campuses to promote international partnerships and exchange agreements, serves as...
  • mentor picture Christa Sanders
    Christa Sanders
    Associate Director NYU in Ghana
    New York University

    As an undergraduate I studied in Madrid, Spain for a fall term. In just one semester, my eyes were opened to the world. I learned a language, traveled extensively, made Spanish friends and had the opportunity to fully immerse...
  • mentor picture Shannon Wilson
    Shannon Wilson
    Sales Representative
    Polymer Science, Inc.

    I currently serve as the international education intern at the Georgia Tech Office of International Education. I assist incoming international students with immigration status advising and perspective study abroad students with...
  • mentor picture Anthony Yuen
    Anthony Yuen
    Outreach, Communications & Marketing
    Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning

    I currently work as a study abroad advisor with the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I advise students on a variety of programs, including Ireland, South Africa, Germany, and most of Asia. My path to study abroad has taken...
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