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How did your child finance their trip abroad?

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  • mentor picture Starlett Craig
    Starlett Craig
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    Clemson University
    As a divorced single parent with two children in college, a budget for study abroad did not exist....
    As a divorced single parent with two children in college, a budget for study abroad did not exist. We were broke! My greatest concern was how to finance study abroad and then convince her that the least expensive program was the very best program. The cheapest program to achieve the same benefit was the universities’ linkage program in Mexico. Tuition was paid to the home institution courses were selected and approved by the faculty prior to departure. In this case, student loans could be kept to a minimum because the cost of the program in Mexico reflected the cost of room, board and tuition at her home institution. With that decision made, our next concern was airfare and spending money. It is hard to get financial support from other family members who comprised the resistance. Suffice it to say, my daughter traveled with two airline tickets. Fortunately for her, one leg of the journey was covered with a complimentary Delta Frequent Flier Ticket roundtrip to Houston, Texas. We purchased a second roundtrip ticket from Houston to Mexico City. In retrospect, it would have been easier to increase the student loan and provide a more comfortable entry to a new experience abroad. As far as spending money, my daughter established an account with a local bank that had the capacity to do international wire transfers. Periodically, I would go to the local bank and wire her some spending money. Of course, these days parents can just deposit directly into their child’s US account which they can access through any ATM abroad.
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