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K–12 Outreach


This section is designed to provide useful information in promoting study abroad among elementary, middle and high school students. Returned study abroad students are a great resource to inform and encourage other students to go abroad! Here you will find information to help you with outreach to others, whether you are a student returning from abroad, a study abroad administrator, or K-12 teacher interested in establishing or enhancing student interest in study abroad within your classroom.

What is outreach? Why is it important?

K-12 schools, especially those with limited budgets, need help fostering a global perspective in their curriculum. Reforming the curriculum is an extensive task. Our world needs future citizens who have a sophisticated understanding of other cultures. This change needs to come about through direct engagement with other people and communities. A semester or summer spent living and studying in another country is one way for a student to demonstrate that ongoing commitment to change. Upon their return, students can share their study abroad experiences, experiences which will serve to enrich the school campus and the local community. Study abroad students have a lot of excitement about and experience in travel; these resources should help provide a structured way of providing information to K-12 schools.

In addition to providing information about outreach, you will also find materials, including posters/flyers, and presentations that can be downloaded and used to assist you.

We invite you to explore the links for students, administrators, and K-12 staff and hope that you will find the information helpful. We welcome your questions, comments, and useful resources you'd like to share! Please contact us at

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