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mentor picture Daphne
Graduate Advisor
Student Government at North Carolina State University
My name is Daphne and I am currently the Graduate Advisor for Student Government at North Carolina State University. I received my Bachelor's degree at Clemson University in Graphic Communications with a minor in Business... My name is Daphne and I am currently the Graduate Advisor for Student Government at North Carolina State University. I received my Bachelor's degree at Clemson University in Graphic Communications with a minor in Business Administration and I am currently pursuing a Master's of Education degree in Higher Education Administration at NC State. As a Gates Millennium Scholar, I was fortunate enough to have the funding needed to both excel in college and study abroad. I traveled to Scotland during the summer of 2006 with Clemson University to study various aspects of Higher Education in the United Kingdom as well as to compare the financial assistance structure of Scotland to the current financial aid policies in the United States. This spring, I will travel to Ghana, Africa to celebrate their 50th Anniversary of gaining independence from Europe with NC State University's African Studies Department. Traveling abroad has enabled me to think "outside the box" in terms of diversity, culture, and society.


  1. As a first generation college student born in rural South Carolina, I experienced many obstacles along the path to college and studying abroad. The concerns I had about studying abroad included funding (how I was going to pay for the trip), cultural perceptions (How I would be viewed abroad as an American), and how I was going to gain my family's trust in knowing that the experience was well worth my time and money. My family did not understand the significance of traveling abroad and feared that I would be transformed mentally to dislike the culture that I am accustomed to in the United States.
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  2. Definitely! Through my experience, I see the world as a learning tool. Many of my employment opportunities have sprung up in an effort to know more about my experiences abroad and I have accepted the challenge to promote international travel.
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  3. Students of Color, primarily through my experiences do not travel as often as their White counterparts. It is important for these students to visit other cultures abroad so that a sense of identity and appreciation can be established not only for their own ethnicity, but for the citizens of the host country they decide to visit. Enabling students of color to travel abroad will help alleviate grounded stereotypes and misconceptions about race and culture. This experience will also enable the students to think "outside the box" in terms of employment and research opportunities abroad.
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  4. I saved money from my refund checks (disbursed after all college expenses were paid) and received a scholarship from NC State's Study Abroad Office. I also took out a Stafford Loan to defray the cost of personal spending.
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  5. Yes, in fact, I have participated in two programs during my graduate years in college. It is always important to ask program coordinators if an undergraduate study abroad opportunity can be taken for graduate most cases, they will consider giving you additional work to fulfill the requirements.
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  6. You may need to consider external factors (ie. senior year job searches, graduate programs, or internships) that may start before your study abroad will be completed. The sooner you take a study abroad experience...the more well-rounded you will look to an employer and this is a great way to single out your expertise from other candidates.
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  7. When I arrived in Scotland, I felt like a minority...and this feeling was completely opposite when I arrived in Ghana, West Africa. The one thing that was of concern to me was keeping up my passport and making sure that my phone card worked so that I could talk to loved ones. I was completely confident that the program coordinators would make every effort to ensure my safety, and that people in both countries would be very hospitable and polite.
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  8. A través de mi experiencia, me he dado cuenta que los alumnos de otras etnicidades no viajan tan a menudo como los anglosajones. Es importante para estos alumnos visitar otros países no solo para reconocer su propia identidad y apreciarla sino para que los ciudadanos de los países en donde están les conozcan. Alentando a nuestros alumnos a que viajen al extranjero ayudará a superar los estereotipos y confuciones acerca de la raza y la cultura. Esta experiencia puede ayudar a que los alumnos piensen más allá en cuanto a oportunidades de trabajo y investigación en el exterior.
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