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Breaking Barriers DVD Order Form

Dear Colleague and Fellow International Educator:

Thank you for your interest in our Film Series "Breaking Barriers".

This helpful film product had its premiere at the 2008 NAFSA National Conference.

These films are the product of 3 years work and provide interviews with study abroad students (particularly non traditional students: i.e. students of color, ethnic minorities, older returning students, and students with dependents). The interviews are filmed both BEFORE their study abroad experience, and AFTER their return. These students share their goals, anxieties, hopes and dreams, and, later, how the experience affected them and what they achieved and learned.

The DVD includes four versions of the film. Some suggestions of possible use are listed below:

  • The full 31 minute version with a focus on non-traditional students on study abroad
    • Can be used for Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) groups
    • Special presentations to clubs or groups of students of color and ethnic minorities
    • Summer High School "Bridge" groups
    • Groups of High School and University students who reflect the diversity of the student interviewed in the film
  • A 5 minute highlight version with a positive focus on the study abroad experience in general, irrespective of group identity or study abroad program length of time
    • Can be used for Dean's council, Academic Senate meetings, Board meetings (this was shown at The California State University Board of Trustees meeting in Spring 2008 to great acclaim!)
    • Department meetings
    • Short presentations, such as new student orientations, parents groups, any meeting where study abroad is only one of many agenda items with limited time
    • Re-enforcement and inspiration to departing study abroad students at pre-departure orientation
    • Stimulus for discussion at study abroad reentry workshops
  • A 17 minute video on study abroad with dependents with a focus on this unusual study abroad condition, how to plan, what was learned, etc.
    • Useful, and inspirational for any student with dependents who is thinking of study abroad
    • Special pre-departure session for groups of parents with dependents about to depart for study abroad
  • A 15 minute video on long-term study abroad with a focus on the benefits of study abroad in the context of a full academic year program
    • Can be used for study abroad information meetings
    • Groups with more time for presentation or where an understanding of the full benefit of the academic year is to be emphasized

The price of the "Breaking Barriers" DVD, plus shipping, is $25. All checks or money orders to be made out to OIP/SFSU.

To order a copy, please return the following to SFSU with a check or money order:


(Shipment Included)
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