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Outreach Materials


The website maintains a broad range of resources to help returned students as well as faculty and staff provide outreach about study abroad. A variety of outreach materials are also available for your use, including PowerPoint presentations, posters and fliers. Download these free materials by clicking on the links in the Outreach Materials section on the right. Modify them according to your needs, whether you are a student about to make a presentation about your experience, an administrator wanting to promote your own programs, or anyone who is interested in reaching out to others and encouraging them to go abroad!

Following are the types of outreach materials that we have available:



K-12 Outreach

TRIO Outreach

Community Outreach

Multicultural Outreach

Additional Resources to Support Outreach

If you are looking for other resources or have suggestions for additional resources that you think would be helpful for others, please contact us.

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