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Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding educational opportunities you can experience while in college, therefore it is important that students from all backgrounds get the necessary information they'll need to take advantage of this opportunity. Study abroad can make a significant impact on your understanding of the rest of the world, while also making a positive impact on citizens in other countries and fellow study abroad students from throughout the United States. For those students who pursue study abroad, this experience is not only an academic highlight of their undergraduate or graduate studies but it's also a very marketable experience for their resume when applying for jobs, postdoctoral employment, scholarships and fellowships.

You may hesitate in studying abroad because you don't know how you will be able to afford such an experience or you are concerned that you will be away from your family for too long. These are valid questions and concerns, which is why was created. offers students from diverse backgrounds a place to find answers to their common study abroad questions and concerns such as, where to study abroad and how long, how financial aid may factor into paying for this opportunity, health and safety issues, and availability of support services while abroad.

In addition to visiting you are encouraged to meet with the study abroad staff at your institution to learn about the various opportunities available to you and how the process works. It is also helpful to talk to your fellow students who studied abroad to learn about their experiences abroad. With proper planning you can participate on a study abroad program and add an international component to your undergraduate or graduate studies. Mentors from across the United States who have studied abroad and understand the process have provided answers to a variety of questions that you may have. mentors represent the diversity found throughout the United States and in U.S. higher education and we hope that you find their stories both informative and inspiring as you help your student make this educational leap abroad. To help with planning and preparing for the journey overseas, please visit the Center for Global Education's Study Abroad Student Handbook by clicking on the following link: We also encourage you to visit our Online Courses for Study Abroad for additional Pre-Departure, While Abroad, and Re-Entry content at you will find more information about the importance of study abroad for students from diverse backgrounds, and why you should participate!

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