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TRIO Outreach

What is TRIO?

TRIO is a series of programs established by Congress to help low-income Americans attend college, graduate, and move on to participate more fully in America's economic and social life. While financial aid programs specifically help students overcome financial barriers, TRIO programs help students overcome class, social, and cultural barriers to higher education. TRIO serves nearly 1 million low-income Americans with over 2,800 TRIO programs. The racial breakdown of these students are 37% Whites, 35% African American, 19% Hispanics, 4% Native Americans, 4 % Asian American, and 1% Other. There are also 22,000 students with disabilities enrolled in the programs, and 25,000 U.S. veterans.

Holly Hexter, Coordinator of International Initiatives at the Council for Opportunity in Education, the national membership association for TRIO program personnel states: "It's vital that all students, regardless of income, have access to study abroad experiences." We hope that the information we provide will help connect TRIO program staff with study abroad staff and work with returned study abroad students to provide outreach to TRIO program students.

What kind of TRIO programs are there?

Ronald E. McNair Post baccalaureate Achievement

These programs are designed to encourage low-income students and minority undergraduates to consider careers in teaching and to prepare for doctoral study. Students who participate in this program are provided with research opportunities and faculty members. There are currently, 179 programs that serve 4,100 students.

Student Support Services

This program helps low-income students to stay in college until they earn their bachelor's degrees. Participants, including disabled college students, receive tutoring, counselling and remedial instruction at 930 colleges and universities nationwide.

Talent Search

Talent Search programs serve students in grades 6-12. In addition to counseling, participants receive information about college admission requirements, scholarships, and various student financial aid programs. The early intervention program helps people from families with incomes under $24,000, where neither parent graduated from college, to better understand their educational opportunities and options. Over 386,000 students are enrolled in 471 Talent Search TRIO programs.

Upward Bound

This program helps young students to prepare for higher education. Participants receive instruction in literature, composition, mathematics, and science on college campuses after school, on Saturdays, and during the summer. There are currently 774 programs in operation nationwide.

Upward Bound Math and Science

This branch of Upward Bound helps students from low-income families strengthen their math and science skills. In addition, students learn computer technology as well as English, foreign language and study skills. There are more than 130 programs serving students throughout the country.

Veterans Upward Bound

Veterans Upward Bound programs provide intensive basic skills development and short-term remedial courses for military veterans to help them successfully transition to post-secondary education. Veterans learn how to secure support from available resources like the Veterans Administration, veterans associations, and various state and local agencies that serve veterans.

Why participate in TRIO outreach?

As a college student who studied abroad or as a study abroad staff member you have had unique experiences and resources that a majority of TRIO students have yet to experience. While telling your parents your stories may only be exciting the first time, you have a wealth of knowledge to share with students who would love to hear them. Two-thirds of TRIO students have parents who have not attended college, let alone studied abroad and may not have much knowledge about study abroad. By providing them with your first-hand experience you can help them realize their study abroad potential as well. As a TRIO Staff Member, you can connect your students to returned study abroad students and study abroad staff on your campus or from a campus near your program location to provide information to your TRIO students about study abroad opportunities available to them.

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